Stocking multiple sizes and colours of our sought after lure the 'twitch it'. Now in sizes 3", 4.5" 5.5" & 6.5"


These innovative new weedless lures have a segmented tail held together by Kevlar mesh to give them their excellent strength and life-like action.

Available in a range of different colours and sizes, these lures are ideal for both salt and freshwater species.

The weedless model is ideal for casting over snaggy areas such as submerged timber, rock bars and lily pads. The body of the weedless model has a slot to shield and hide the hook making the lure snag resistant whilst maintaining an excellent hook up rate.

    • "I froth on the 'Twitch it' because they are perfect for casting in the fresh water and also the deep reef. Love them for both casting up in the snags and then feeling that big boof from a Barra, love when you feel the reel screaming cause this lures done its job once again"


    • 'Twitch it' are the strongest, most versatile plastics on the Aussie fishing market today. From Jungle Perch and Saratoga to Jacks, Barra and Reefies, these plastics are the way to go if you want to catch a trophy fish"


    • "For sight casting Barra the 'Twitch it' is a game changer for me. I could fish it weighted or unweighted and the action was irresistible to fish, with either a slow roll or letting it sink with little twitches. Game changer!!"


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